Why become an ESTRO member?

Keeping its vision in perspective for the benefit of all cancer patients, ESTRO pursues its mission in guiding the day-to-day practice and career development of oncology professionals through the dissemination of all latest findings and knowledge crucial to the rapidly evolving field of radiation oncology. This is made feasible by the members who make up the fabric of the Society, whether as individuals or through collective membership as part of institutes and companies. ESTRO members are the ones driving the Society forward with their efforts and commitment throughout the year. 

In a nutshell, the ESTRO membership offers:

  • Subscription and online access to Radiotherapy and Oncology
  • Reduced fees for attending ESTRO teaching courses and join events (the reduced membership rates will ONLY be applied once your membership has been processed and payment has been finalised)
  • Online access to scientific material through the Dove electronic library (events webcasts, delineation cases, etc.)
  • Eligibility for grants, awards, faculties and governance positions.

Add your voice to the 7300 ESTRO members

ESTRO members are professionals of radiation oncology and beyond: radiation oncologists, clinical oncologists, medical physicists, radiobiologists, radiation therapists (RTTs), dosimetrists, radiotherapy nurses, medical oncologists, surgeons, industry representatives, organ specialists, other medical and non medical professions, coming from more than 100 countries spread all over the world.

Download the Membership leaflet here

All you need to know about the membership reformation that was launched in 2013:
Read the interview from Dirk Verellen (2013 ESTRO Membership Officer).


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