2019 Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is designed to assist European hospitals, clinics or other institutions that are providing Radiotherapy and Oncology treatment with the continued development and support of their professionals.

Instead of buying several individual memberships, European centers have the possibility to pay collectively for the membership of their employees, who will enjoy all the usual advantages of the individual membership. This is the most cost-effective option for institutes to also benefit from a host of advantages:

  • Each package deal represents a 5% discount in regular membership fees
  • Complimentary memberships are included in package deals of 10 or more persons (see details below)
  • A dedicated ‘Institutes Corner’ in the ESTRO Newsletter
  • A dedicated institutional webpage
  • A monthly ESTRO Public Affairs Newsletter
  • Free online job postings
  • An ESTRO institutional member logo (to be published on the department website, slides & scientific presentations together with the institute logo)
  • Free access as exhibitor at the ESTRO Communities Pavilion during the annual conference

Package Deals and Application Forms:

 No of members  Price       Package



 The fee covers 4 active + 1 affiliate

Application Form


 The fee covers 7 active + 2 in training.
 Your advantage is 1 complimentary affiliate membership

Application Form


 The fee covers 1 ambassador + 14 active + 3 in training.

 Your advantage is 2 complimentary memberships:
1 in training + 1 affiliate

Application Form



 The fee covers 1 ambassador + 19 active + 5 in training.

 Your advantage is 5 complimentary memberships:
2 active + 2 in training + 1 affiliate 

Application Form



 The fee covers 2 ambassador + 24 active + 9 in training
+ 3 affiliate.

 Your advantage is 7 complimentary memberships:
3 active + 2 in training + 2 affiliate

Application Form
Over 45

 Please request a quotation from the ESTRO office:


Rules and regulations:

  • Only available for European institutions that apply with a minimum of 5 individual members
  • Minimum 3 specialties (clinician, physicist, RTT, biologist, dosimetrist, IT specialist, supporting engineer, etc.) need to be represented in the package
  • ESTRO membership is annual and valid from 1 Jan. to 31 Jan.
  • Upon renewal, you will be able to register your members for ESTRO conferences/courses at a discount rate (please allow 3 working days for internal membership processing - submit the renewal at least 3 days before and event/course deadline)

Practical information about the institutional membership application process:

  • In order to apply, please download and fill out the corresponding application form (see below table)
  • To submit your institutional membership request, please send the application form to the ESTRO office: institutional-membership@estro.org
  • The below proposed packages can be cumulated in order to meet the required number of members and also allow some flexibility in terms of membership types: please contact institutional-membership@estro.org
  • When submitted and approved, the package is then entered in the system by the ESTRO office and each package member receives a confirmation email with log-in details once it is activated (upon receipt of payment by credit card or bank transfer)
  • A single invoice related to the institutional membership package and institute is then issued at the end of the process (ESTRO cannot provide a separate invoice for each package member but for tax purposes and upon request, ESTRO can include the names of all the members on this single invoice or provide a letter to all the package institutional members ensuring these are included in an ESTRO institutional membership package)
  • Contact the ESTRO office for more information or assistance by email to institutional-membership@estro.org


ESTRO is an international scientific society based in Belgium and ruled according to the Belgian law. ESTRO is registered to VAT. In order to comply with the Belgian VAT laws, the Society needs to apply 21% VAT on the membership fee for the institutional membership packages. Belgian institutes will be applied 21% VAT on the invoice raised by ESTRO (recoverable via the Belgian tax declaration) and EU institutes should provide ESTRO with a valid EU VAT number in order to apply reverse charge on the VAT (otherwise ESTRO will need to include 21% VAT on the invoice). The advantages of the institutional membership remain however the same and will improve as the concept grows.