04-08 April, 2014
Vienna, Austria

It is my privilege and great pleasure as President of ESTRO and Chair of the congress, to invite you to ESTRO 33 that will take place in Vienna from 4 to 8 April 2014.

ESTRO 33 is the premier European event in Radiation Oncology and will focus on new and emerging developments in the field.

Since the foundation of ESTRO, more than 30 years ago, Radiation Oncology has fortunately seen continuous change with virtually every aspect of the basic science of our discipline and of the clinical treatment drastically improving for the benefit of patient care. In this context, ESTRO 33 will assist ESTRO’s recent Vision for 2020 statement that: “Every cancer patient in Europe will have access to state of the art radiation therapy, as part of a multidisciplinary approach where treatment is individualised for the specific patient’s cancer, taking account of the patient’s personal circumstances”.

In line with the ESTRO Vision document, the ESTRO 33 Scientific Programme will aim to cover mainly the following scientific topics.

  • The integration of new clinical and preclinical evidence from biology, molecular/functional and anatomic imaging in Radiation Oncology
  • The physical and biological optimisation of radiation therapy
  • The use of new systemic agents together with the delivery of high precision radiation therapy in a safety aware environment
  • Combined-modality treatment using radiation and either cytotoxic and/or targeted therapeutics
  • The use of high-precision radiotherapy used with curative intent in patients with metastatic and locally recurrent disease
  • New developments in radiation oncology that further improve the safety of high-precision radiotherapy
  • New approaches to adaptive radiotherapy integrating novel developments in biology, imaging, technology, and the assessment of tumour response and patient outcome
  • The potential future use of novel biological modifiers of tumour and normal tissue response
  • The development of validated predictive models of treatment outcome based on complex databases comprising clinical, biologic, genetic, imaging, dosimetric and population data
  • Quality programmes, including clinical audit and comprehensive safety systems in Radiation and Clinical Oncology that maintain the principles of providing the highest quality of patient care and treatment in a safety-aware environment
  • Health services research in radiotherapy and oncology, including the long term analysis of changes in specialist staffing in the discipline, the level of equipment, the appropriate implementation of new technology, patient access to new treatment approaches; together with the critical analysis of these strategic developments using cost-benefit, cost- utility and other means of health economic review and health technology assessment
  • Clinical trials (phase 0, I, II, and III) in radiotherapy and combined modality

Together, in sharing this patient-centered objective, we will move the ESTRO Vision forward and build what promises to be an event looking at the challenges of the future.

We look forward to welcoming you in Vienna.

Vincenzo Valentini
President of ESTRO
Chairperson of ESTRO 33