09-12 May, 2012
Barcelona, Spain

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend ESTRO 31 in Barcelona from 9 to 13 May 2012.

ESTRO is an interdisciplinary society where radiation oncologists, medical physicists, biologists, radiation technologists and nurses work for the benefit of cancer patients, looking at the collaboration with all the organisations in force in the oncology field. In ESTRO 31 the multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinary components of our practice will be reviewed, emphasising on the new opportunities that they represent for all of us. National Societies and allied Oncology Organisations will convene to join efforts in promoting standards and outcome survey.

At ESTRO 31 Conference the most up-to-date evidence in clinical, physics, radiobiology and oncology science and technology will be presented, and a broad portfolio of educational opportunities will be provided. Life in the ESTRO house will also be enlightened by special interdisciplinary sessions in a devoted room which will jointly address relevant topics for radiation oncologists, physicists, radiobiologists and RTTs in the same forum, allowing each discipline to enrich their knowledge base.
Symposia and debates are foreseen on new evidences - for the more common tumors and for the challenging unusual clinical presentations - as well as in biology, imaging, physics and technology. This includes the integration of molecular and genetic prediction of tumour and normal tissue response, the combination of radiation therapy with new and more efficient molecular targeted drugs, a more extensive use of particle therapies to better spare normal tissues, a complete integration of 4D image guided treatments, the development of adaptive radiation therapy to the most active part of the tumours as defined by functional imaging and the curative use of stereotactic radiotherapy. All these advances challenge machine and patient specific QA and dosimetry as well as the training and practice of radiation technologists.

ESTRO 31 will start with a series of pre-meeting workshops which will be followed by an opening ceremony in the evening.

After the great success of contouring workshops at ESTRO 29 in Barcelona, we will continue with this initiative and offer workshops daily from Thursday to Sunday. Keep an eye on upcoming ESTRO communications to learn more about the tumour sites that will be covered.

As in previous conferences, ESTRO 31 will continue to offer an additional Young Scientists Track on Friday, 11 May. This track is fully organized by our young members and it enables them to share common interests. 

The number of submitted abstracts in ESTRO meetings increases year after year. Therefore, ESTRO 31 will include a large poster exhibition and a poster reception on the Thursday evening. The challenge we now face is to increase the visibility and display of these posters and to facilitate networking between professionals working on the same or similar topics. Poster viewing will be improved by a better distribution in time and space of posters; by a special electronic poster viewing system that will be available during the whole conference; and also, by special poster discussion sessions which will ensure maximum visibility for the most promising posters.

All of the leading exhibitors will contribute to ESTRO 31, Europe’s largest industrial exhibition in radiation oncology, offering the opportunity to view the latest products and services in cancer treatment and cancer care.


Vincenzo Valentini & Núria Jornet

Chairpersons of the Scientific Programme Committee