1st ESTRO Physics Workshop

17-18 November, 2017
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Scottish Event Campus 
Exhibition Way
G38 8YW
United Kingdom


Science in Development


The ESTRO Physics Committee is delighted to announce the first edition of a new concept for scientific exchange: “1st ESTRO Physics Workshop: Science in development”, will be held in the city of Glasgow, starting 17 November at 10.00 and ending on18 November 2017 at 16.00.

This workshop aims at facilitating scientific and professional networking opportunities within ESTRO physics membership, physicists working in other areas and furthermore, create close interaction with developers in companies. We believe that by promoting these interactions we will capture scientific developments that could be applied and have a real impact on the cure for cancer.

The programme will open with a plenary lecture “The adaptive medical physicist: new challenges, new needs, new roles” then break out into different topics that will run in parallel.

The workshop will be unique as follows:

Please note that the name of the first workshop has been updated. 

• Be topic oriented. Participants will register for one single topic. For this year the topics are:

- Medical physics research, GATE Monte Carlo simulations and treatment planning development for therapy with scanned particle beams - Chairs: Håkan Nyström, Dietmar Georg, Loïc Grevillot, Hermann Fuchs, Uwe Pietrzyk (new description of the workshop coming soon)

Dosimetry audit in radiation oncology – where to next? - Chairs: Catharine Clark, Eduard Gershkevitsh

- In vivo dosimetry methods for external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy - Chairs: Kari Tanderup, Frank Verhaegen

- Micro and nano dosimetry for radiotherapy - Chairs: Brigitte Reniers, Hugo Palmans

- Automate or perish - Chairs: Ben Heijmen, Dirk Verellen.

• Offer a programme, prepared by chairs of different topics, that combines invited talks by leading scientists, proffered papers on on-going research (open call) and plenty of time for discussion.

• Be limited in number of participants per topic, to stimulate lively discussion and guarantee interaction.

• Update not only on the latest research of a topic, but also share experiences and promote collaboration between different groups and members that can work on the same topic. We hope the workshop will contribute to establishing long term collaborations through ESTRO.

We hope that you will be enthusiastic with this new workshop concept especially targeted at medical physicists in the radiation oncology area. We look forward to your participation.