Scientific Council

Duties and responsibilities

The Scientific Council is responsible for the implementation of the scientific engagement policy (see here), the co-ordination of all the scientific activities and for ensuring a consolidated reporting of the results in line with the scientific engagement policy.

The Scientific Council appoints the Chair of the annual meeting and ESTRO delegates to other scientific meetings.



President: Umberto Ricardi

President-Elect: Ben Slotman

Past-President: Yolande Lievens

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Baumann (Radiotherapy & Oncology)

Editor-in-Chief: Ludvig Muren (phiRO)

Editor-in-Chief: Pierre Blanchard (ctRO) 

Editor-in-Chief: Michelle Leech (tipsRO)

Board representative: Marianne Nordsmark

Board representative: Matthias Guckenberger

Board representative: Conchita Vens

Board representative: Claudio Fiorino

Board representative: Håkan Nyström

ACROP committee Chair: Claus Belka

Clinical committee Chair: Karin Haustermans

Education Council Chair: Jesper Eriksen

GEC-ESTRO committee Chair: Bradley Pieters

Physics committee Chair: Nuria Jornet

Radiobiology committee Chair: Rob Coppes

RTT committee Chair: Philipp Scherer

yESTRO committee member - Gerben Borst

EPTN task force co-chair:  Damien Weber

Director of Education and Science: Christine Verfaillie

The Scientific Council is contactable through Evelyn Chimfwembe at ESTRO office.