Following the RTT Alliance elections that ran from 20 February to 2 March 2018, ESTRO is pleased to announce that Ludwig Van den Berghe (Vereniging Verpleegkundigen Radiotherapie en Oncologie - Belgium) and Filipe Cidade de Moura (Associação Portuguesa de Radioterapeutas - Portugal) were elected as ESTRO RTT Alliance representatives. They both joined the RTT committee during the ESTRO 37 in Barcelona (April 2018).

Out of the 543 eligible members (RTT full members and RTT alliance members), 157 voters submitted a ballot (around 29%). We thank all those who voted, for taking part in this first ESTRO RTT alliance elections. 

ESTRO would also like to sincerely thank all the candidates for running for election on behalf of their national society:

Judith Fuchs - Berufsfachverband für Radiologietechnologie Österreich

Vedran Manestar - Croatian Association of Radiation Technologist

Peter Albeck Qvistgaard - Radiograf Radet

Siret Kivistik - Estonian Radiographers Society

Jovan Stevanovic - Serbian Society of Radiotherapy Technicians

Juan Antonio Barragán - Spanish Association of Radiotherapy and Oncology

The RTT Alliance now counts 15 National societies (from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland and Poland).

The term of office of the elected candidates will follow the same regulations as for all ESTRO standing committee members (period of three years, once renewable).

RTT Alliance Representatives can be contacted at :

Belgium - Vereniging Verpleegkundigen Radiotherapie en Oncologie

Ludwig Van den Berghe

"I am of course very happy with my election within the RTT group of ESTRO. It gives me an opportunity to work with colleagues from other countries and to work out the interests of ESTRO. Belgium is not only a special political country, but also within the hospital scene. Legally, nurses and technologists have been able to work in the department for some weeks now. However, they both have a different training profile. It will be a challenge to integrate both and to work together. The expertise of other countries within ESTRO is in this matter very important and for that reason we have as association an accessible platform where we can borrow and share information. I want to be the link between ESTRO and VVRO to develop future professionalization. I also want to encourage our nurses to actively cooperate with ESTRO, register for the training programs, and participate in conferences."


Portugal - Associação Portuguesa de Radioterapeutas

Filipe Cidade de Moura

"It is a great honour to become one of the representatives of RTT Societies ALLIANCE inside ESTRO RTT Committee. Thanks all RTTs for trusting your votes on these professional and scientific demanding roles. I believe that together, both ESTRO and National Societies, are the key combination for uniformization of radiation oncology across European countries, who seek for the best practices,  education and continuous professional development.

Based on the principle that efforts between NSs and ESTRO would attain specific goals and establish ongoing relationships, the mission of ESTRO RTT ALLIANCE will continuously promoting better understanding of professional needs, and dessiminate valuable information for improving Radiation Therapists education, roles and recognition across Europe."