The Foundation’s objective is to promote radiation oncology,

 support professional development, provide medical education,

and boost research in the field of radiation oncology.


The ECF will focus on 3 key areas to achieve its goals: 

Raise awareness

Creating patient, family and community awareness regarding the potential and importance of radiation oncology is crucial to drive forth its relevance and impact on the treatment of cancer. The general public’s awareness regarding innovative radiotherapy methods and techniques needs to be substantially raised; this is to be achieved by implementing multimodal or single modality approaches.

As part of its awareness raising strategy, the ECF will organise:

  • Awareness campaigns on National and International levels
  • Fundraising events to raise money for the advancement of radiation oncology


Foster research

Cancer is a major healthcare problem in Europe and thus there is a major need for rapid development and uptake of innovative cancer treatments. Radiation oncology’s impact on survival of cancer - alone or in conjunction with other treatments – is surmised as being important; however its precise role is still poorly defined in many areas due to the lack of recent objective data in health economics at the pan European level.

To help resolve the above situation, the ECF regards the dissemination of research outcomes related to innovative radiation oncology methods and techniques. In facilitating an early market uptake, new promising technologies would become available in a reduced timeframe and benefit to patients.

As part of its strategy to foster research for the advancement of radiation oncology, the ECF will:

  • Implement and reinforce the dissemination of publications
  • Make available funding for innovation in the shape of grants, topic-oriented grants, scholarships and awards
  • Provide effective networking platforms for research and networking activities
  • Assess the impact of new technologies

Drive advocacy

The only way to effectively increase the uptake of innovative radiotherapy methods and techniques – as a cost efficient alternative to more wide-spread treatment options – on a governmental level is to target the decision makers through direct advocacy.

Together with existing patient advocacy groups, the ECF’s strategy to drive advocacy is:

  • Organise congress(es) on cancer health economics on an international level
  • Provide national societies with a communications toolkit on the advancement of radiation oncology